AC636 A/C Recover, Recycle And Recharge Machine

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Product Description

Product Description: Introducing our cutting-edge [Product Name], meticulously engineered to streamline the recovery process of residual refrigerant from your A/C system. Designed to combat the adverse effects of impurities such as frozen oil, air, and water vapor, our machine ensures optimal performance and longevity of your A/C system. Say goodbye to high temperatures, reduced refrigerant efficiency, leaks, pipe blockages, and increased engine load – our [Product Name] is here to elevate your maintenance experience.

Performance Specifications:

  • Recovery Speed: 180~350G/min
  • Recharge Speed: 800~1500G/min
  • Vacuum Speed: 60L/min
  • Refrigerant Tank Capacity: 14 L
  • Electronic Scale Range: 0~35KG
  • Oil Bottle Capacity: 300ML
  • Operating Temperature: 5~50℃
  • Voltage: AC220V/50Hz/1ph
  • Max. Working Pressure: 17.5bar
  • Low-Pressure Protection: Less than 1 bar
  • Electronic Scale Precision: ±10g
  • Compressor Power: 275W

Key Features:

  1. Convenient Oil Level Observation: With our user-friendly design, monitoring the oil level of the vacuum pump is effortless, providing you with peace of mind and ensuring consistent performance.

  2. Effortless Oil Drainage: Our [Product Name] is equipped with the capability to drain and collect used oil directly into the oil tray, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime.

  3. Enhanced Maneuverability: Thanks to its large caster wheels, our machine offers superior mobility, making it suitable for use on uneven ground surfaces.

General Information:

  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Mode: Fully-automatic
  • Screen: LCD

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