INSIZE Outside Micrometer 3203 Series

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Technical Documents 

User Manuel

Product Description

INSIZE 3203 Series Outside Micrometers

The INSIZE 3203 series of Outside Micrometers are precision measuring instruments designed for accurate and reliable measurements in various applications. These micrometers are equipped with carbide measuring faces for enhanced durability and wear resistance. Each variant comes with setting standards, a lock nut, and a ratchet, providing ease of use and traceability to NIST standards. The micrometers are supplied in fitted storage cases for convenient storage and protection.

Manufacturer's Code: 3203 Series 
COO (Country of Origin): China

Products Specifications

  • Material: Carbide Measuring Faces
  • Supplied Accessories: Setting Standards, Lock Nut, Ratchet
  • Graduation: 0.01 mm
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Package Dimensions and Weight: Vary by variant (see below)

Available Variants:

  1. INSIZE 3203-25A Outside Micrometer

    • Measurement Range: 0-25 mm
    • Package Dimensions: 25.4 H x 3.56 L x 14.48 W (centimetres)
    • Package Weight: 0.66 kilograms
  2. INSIZE 3203-50A Outside Micrometer

    • Measurement Range: 25 mm - 50 mm
  3. INSIZE 3203-75A Outside Micrometer

    • Measurement Range: 50 mm - 75 mm
  4. INSIZE 3203-100A Outside Micrometer

    • Measurement Range: 75 mm - 100 mm
  5. INSIZE 3203-125A Outside Micrometer

    • Measurement Range: 100 mm - 125 mm
  6. INSIZE 3203-150A Outside Micrometer

    • Measurement Range: 125 mm - 150 mm
    • Package Dimensions: 31.24 H x 4.32 L x 17.27 W (centimetres)
    • Package Weight: 1.1 kilograms
  7. INSIZE 3203-175A Outside Micrometer

    • Measurement Range: 150 mm - 175 mm
  8. INSIZE 3203-200A Outside Micrometer
  •  Measurement Range: 175 mm- 200mm


  • Ideal for precision measurements in machining, engineering, and quality control applications.
  • Suitable for tasks that require accurate measurement of external dimensions.

Note: Proper care and calibration procedures, as specified by the manufacturer, should be followed to ensure the ongoing accuracy and reliability of the outside micrometers.



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